The word "college" usually conjures up images of fresh-faced, eager-eyed students, getting ready for the biggest academic surprise of their life. But college is not just for the twenty-something's in life. College is, and should be, the pursuit of adults, tooeven working adults.

Working Adults Have a Need

Education has a profound impact on life. It sets direction, trains the mind, and cultivates discipline. Adults should be given access to this kind of education. The benefits of a college education go beyond just direction-setting, mind-training, and discipline-cultivating qualities. The benefit of a college degree is actually much greater for adults than for the younger students. Especially if you are taking classes in the career you are currently working, a college degree will only help put you in the front of the pack. They can also improve their position within their present organization. As they experience a growing family and mounting financial pressures, they can leverage an education to improve their salary. Besides, there are the intangible benefits of keeping one's mind sharp and developing new interests.

But Working Adults Face Challenges

For all its possible glories, though, adults face a challenge in earning a college degree. Full time work is, after all, full time. Talk of earning a degree or going back to school is just about as ethereal and unrealistic as winning the lottery. Time? Money? It's just not available. Besides, who can fit an unwieldy college class schedule into the 9-5 work day of most American adults?

For Working Adults, There Is a Solution

Finally, in our digital age, we've reached a point where many schools are realizing that there is a solution. Colleges are answering the call of those looking for alternatives and online degree completion programs are fitting that need. Through an online degree completion program, working adults can watch lectures, participate in class discussion, work on class projects, take tests, and gain the whole-package education experienceall online. Online degree completion programs are a dream come true for many adults whose schedules were the primary prohibitive in returning to school. Not only is the time benefit huge, there is also an upside in the area of tuition costs. By not having to travel to the campus and already having access to the Internet, you are cutting down hugely on overall costs. By taking just one or two courses at a time, the working adult can go at his own pace, take only what he can afford, and finish the online degree completion program when he wants to.

With the advantage of online degree completion programs, it is possible for many more working adults to experience the life-changing benefit that a college education can bring.

Because of his two growing children, Johney Maron, is interested in what colleges have to offer students today. By arming them with proper tools, Colorado Christian University provides students with the education they need to make it in today's world. From Adult Degree Completion to Graduate Degree Programs, CCU makes every effort for students to obtain the education they need.

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